“Pounder (episode)”
Season 3, Episode 13
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Pounder" is the thirty-sixth episode of Dinotrux.


The Trux discover that a large rock is threatening the Ore Station, and after Dozer accidentally knocks it over Skya smashes it using her battering ram. The next morning the Trux find it in pieces, and while wondering who is responsible the Reptools are attacked by a mysterious creature. Tracking it, the Trux discover that it is a Poundersaurolophus, and particularly nasty type of Dinotrux that smashes everything in its path. Skya, having been driven with her herd from their old home valley by a Pounder, is determined to face it and drive it out, but Ty suggests capturing it and taking it out into the wilderness instead.

The Trux soon build a trap for the creature, but it proves craftier than expected and traps everyone but Skya in a cave. Recovering her battering ram, Skya attempts to beat the Pounder at its own game but finds she is no match for it. However, she is able to put its relentless nature to use by leading it off the edge of a cliff, saving herself using her crane hook. However, the Pounder survives the fall to continue menacing the inhabitants of The Crater...





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