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It’s All Love ♫.
―Prince D telling the story of the Trolls.

Prince Darnell, also known as D, is a supporting character in the DreamWorks Trolls franchise. He is voiced by Anderson .Paak. He is the prince of the Funk Trolls and Cooper's younger twin brother.


Official Description[]

Ever since he was a child, Prince Darnell felt like he was missing a vital part of himself, but he never knew why. When he was old enough to understand, Darnell’s parents told him the story of his twin brother, how Cooper’s egg rolled out of the nest, and how the king and queen had searched high and low but had never been able to locate their long-lost son.
As the young prince entered his restless rebellious teenage years, he experimented with his parents’ funk music. He tried chopping it up, sampling it and rhyming over the funky beats that he made. He also took on a new, shorter royal moniker from that day forward, he was known simply as "Prince D."[1]

Physical Appearance[]

Prince D bears a strong resemblance to his twin brother to the point that some initially confused him with Cooper. Darnell has a unique giraffe-like appearance with a pink body and four turquoise legs, his hair is made into short blue dreads, and he wears a gold star earring on his left ear.


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  • Although he and Cooper are twins, Prince Darnell is the younger of the two because he hatched some time after his brother and they have different star signs.[2]
  • Prince D and Tiny Diamond are the only characters introduced in the film Trolls World Tour to return in the sequel Trolls Band Together.


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