Princess Aja is one of the protagonists of 3 Below. She is the princess of her alien home and the sister of Prince Krel.


Aja and her brother, Prince Krel lived together in their castle with their guardian on their home planet, until a dictator came and took over their planet, sending the two royals and their guardian on the run. They took refuge in Arcadia, where they disguised themselves as two teenagers and an elderly man in order to blend in with the Earthlings, claiming to be from a place called Akiridion-5.


In her human form, Aja has long, white hair and pasty white skin. Her outfit consists of a checkered button-up shirt, jeans, and red sneakers.


Aja was tired of being a mere princess and growing up, she felt like she didn't belong in the royal palace, so she frequently snuck out of the house frequently to experience the lives of commoners. When arriving on Earth, she felt guilty about sneaking out, as it somewhat led to her and Krel's parents being attacked, so she decided to become a warrior princess to avenge her family.

Aja seems to be more extroverted and perky than her introverted younger brother, Krel. She seems to be amazed at the Earth's customs and technology. She appears to be very silled in terms of hacking into computer systems and seems to be a great dancer as well and speaks with some kind of Russian accent.


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