Prong and Horn (voiced by Richard Ian Cox and Andrew Francis) are the secondary antagonists of the Dinotrux episode, “Blayde”. They are a pair of gray Dozeratops who served as minions to Blayde; Horn is distinguished by slightly brighter coloring and a broken right horn. They helped her to terrorize various inhabitants of The Crater in what she saw as her territory, including fellow Dozeratops George, Zera, and Tops. When Ty Rux and his teammates came to their aid, Prong and Horn helped Blayde in her plans, with one of them guarding a kidnapped George while the other stood watch at the entrance to Blayde's cave, leaving Ty's team to think George was being held there. The pair and their leader were later fooled into releasing George and then driven off by Ty and his team; since then Prong and Horn have not been seen.


  • Prong and Horn's names both refer to antlers or similar growths of animals.
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