“Pteracopters (episode)”
Season 4, Episode 1
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Magnet Mountain"

"Pteracopters" is the fortieth episode of Dinotrux.


After being attacked in the air by Stealth Scrapadactls, a trio of Pteracopters crash land in The Crater near The Garage. After being patched up by the Reptools, they inform Ty and his friends that one of their number, Washout, crashed on a Scrapadacytl infested island. Determined to help, the Trux-minus Dozer-adopt various extra features including Ty's stealth paint job, Ton-Ton's wings, and Skya's battering ram. They are then flown to the island by the three Pteracopters and begin their search for Washout.

After discovering that the Stealth Scrapadactyls detect movement, the Trux are able to sneak through and reach Washout, who is soon repaired. However, the superstitious Pteracopter is unwilling to depart, and it is only when Click-Clack lets him borrow his magnetic "lucky bit" that he is convinced to take to the air. The Scrapadactyls prove a challenge, but after the loss of the bit Click-Clack is able to help Washout keep flying despite their fears. The Pteracopters then fly to land, but rather than returning to the crater the Trux find themselves on a snowy expanse.





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