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The Pterodactyl is a one-shot antagonist in the DreamWorksPeacock's series, Where's Waldo?. He only appears in the episode "Mongolia-Saurus".


After the Pterodactyl is revived from a fossil by Odlulu with the Dino Key, she named him "Glide-asaurus" and wishes that he'll fly with her into the park. When Odlulu tells the Pterodactyl to come to her, he then flew away. While the other dinosaurs were chased by a Tarbosaurus, the Pterodactyl comes back and noticed the boortsog that Fritz is holding. He then kidnaps Fritz while Odlulu manages to save him.

During the rescue mission, Wenda and Wizard Amber goes after the Pterodactyl to save Odlulu and Fritz by getting the Dino Key. He gets jumped on by Amber and angrily attempts to get her off from him, but gets trained by Wizard Amber. Amber asks Fritz for the Dino Key to reverse, but Fritz accidentally drops the key to a dinosaur stampede and Wenda manages to get the magic key from them. After retrieving the Dino Key, he gets zapped by Wenda with the magic key who using it to turn him back into a fossil while Amber fells down to Mori where Wenda rides on and then the two have to save Waldo from the Tarbosaurus.

Physical Appearance[]

The Pterodactyl has gray color and yellow eyes. It has green colored patterns on the head and nose. It has large leathery wings and a long beak. It has a small crest on the top of its head.


  • It resembles to the Quetzalcoatlus.


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