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The Queen Ant is a character in Antz. She is Princess Bala's mother and Z's mother-in-law. She's also the leader of the ant colony. Seeing as she's the queen of the colony, she may also be the founder and creator of it as well as being the mother of every single ant that inhabits the colony. She was voiced by the late Anne Bancroft.

Role in the film

In Antz, The Queen is first seen as the mother of Princess Bala and the queen of the colony. Unbeknown to her, she completes her son-in-law-to-be General Mandible's plans to create a new colony by approving his request to send parts of the colony's troops into battle with a local termite colony, eliminating the soldiers that were loyal to the Queen's favor. She later witness Z, now declared a hero of war, threatening to "kill" Princess Bala. Before Z is able to do anything more though, he trips and falls into the trash tunnel, making both him and the princess being thrown out of the colony. She's seen for the third and last time in the near-end of the movie praising her workers for having completed a Mega Tunnel, making it possible for Mandible to seal off the colony in the tunnel. Before he can do so however, Z and Princess Bala is able to sneak into the tunnel. Bala runs to the Queen in order to warn her about the impending flood while Z stops his fellow workers from completing the tunnel, only to be sabotaged by the ant-in-charge who doesn't believe him when he reveals Mandible's plans. Now in danger of having her colony killed, the Queen can't do anything but wait. Z however, is able to make up a plan on how to save the colony, making the ants stack themself into a gigantic ladder. The Queen is carried up by some of her workers, and is later rescued along with the rest of the colony upon the conclusion of the movie.


  • The Queen Ant is similar to The Queen of Ant Island as both are ants and both are the leaders of their colony. Both are also the mother of the deuteragonist (Bala and Princess Atta) and later become the mother-in-law of the protagonist (Z and Flik). However while The Queen Ant remains the leader, the Queen of Ant Island, retired and made Atta the new queen.


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