Queen Barb or Barb is the main antagonist of Trolls World Tour. She is a rock troll and her goal is to destroy the other types of music.


It is not yet known very well why she wanted to destroy the other styles of music, and we do not even know her history yet!

But in the trailer she was introduced as follows: Poppy would sing a song normally until she pops off the ground and starts playing a very loud rock.

Then shows her in the realm of the Trolls of Techno shows her speaking their plans.


Queen Barb, is an evil character, one who would be too much and would always want her plans to give certain for what it seems.

Her passion is Rock and this passion makes her look like an insane psychopath wanting only one thing to destroy the other styles of music.


She has a pink mohawk, and pink eyes. Her blouse is sleeveless and her belt is black with a skull in the middle. She does not wear a pants or a skirt, instead she wears black underwear and black fishnets. She doesn't wear shoes.

Abilities and Talents

  • Play Guitar: As shown, playing guitar is one of her great skills. She manages to make a great heavy rock with her guitar vocals.
  • Sing: possibly sometime in the movie she will sing since the movie is a musical.
  • Make energy ray: A unique ability shown, is that when she plays guitar very high or very fast comes out a ray of red energy.



  • Maybe she's the same age as Poppy
  • She looks a lot like the villain Tempest Shadow from the movie My Little Pony: The Movie from Hasbro
  • She also looks similar to the DC Comics villain Livewire.
  • It is speculated by some fans that she is gay and in a relationship with Poppy. 

    Fan art of Barb and Poppy.

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