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The Razorwhip is a Sharp Class dragon from Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Male Razorwhips, unlike most dragon parents which are incredibly protective of their young, commit filial infanticide, a biological phenomenon when the adult eats its own offspring. This caused the Razorwhips to nearly go extinct a thousand years prior to the events in the show, only to be saved by the Wingmaidens, as revealed in "Snotlout's Angels". As such, female Razorwhips are aggressive to all males, no matter its breed or species.

They are also shown to be highly intelligent, with Windshear distracting Hiccup before hurling a tree towards them. The Razorwhip also has a sense of humor and is somewhat vain, taunting its opponents when they are defeated.

Razorwhips are said to love eating sea slugs. Razorwhips are reclusive by choice, due to extreme mistrust of both humans and dragons. They are shown to be highly territorial and protective, even picking up fights with the most docile of dragons. In Dragons: Titan Uprising, some Razorwhips such as Hailfate have learned to carve a hole in the Arctic ice and spear sea slugs with their tails.

However, those who are able to prove their worthiness to a Razorwhip will have made a powerful friend and ally for life. Windshear, for example, is incredibly protective of Heather and will stop at nothing to protect her, even if she is riding another dragon.


  • The Razorwhip is one of four dragon species that don't have forked tongues. The others are the Flightmare, the Woolly Howl, the Snow Wraith and the Snaptrapper.
  • Heather has one of these dragons in Race to the Edge. She is known as Windshear.
  • The Razorwhip looks strikingly similar to the Windstriker. This might be coincidence, or maybe the dragons are somehow closely related.