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“Renegades (episode)”
Season 8, Episode 1
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Bad Build"
"Dyscrapadons (episode)"

"Renegades" is the sixty-seventh episode of Dinotrux and the first episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


D-Structs and D-Stroy menace a pair of Ankylodumps, only to be attacked by Ty Rux and his group. The noble Trux then make their escape, returning to the hidden forest where they've taken up residence. The area has proved to be less than ideal, with Gearwigs and other issues plaguing the Trux. However, Ty and Revvit urge the Trux to action, and suggest a new build: a replacement for the Garage.

Skrap-It, Lloyd, Smash-It, and Break-It, while searching for where Ty's group is in hiding, come across rust dust that causes them to leave footprints. They are then pursued by several Scraptors following the rust scent, which prompts the D-Bros. to capture one in hopes of using it to find Ty and his friends. After suffering some setbacks in their attempts to build a new garage, the Trux and Reptools hit upon the idea of taking advantage of their environment to build a concealed headquarters. They are forced to break off construction, however, after learning that the D-Bros. have begun collecting all the Ore in The Crater as a means of blackmailing the other Trux into helping them find Ty's group.

Ty's party ambushes the wagon the D-Bros. are using, and with assistance from Prop-Top the Pteracopter succeed in stealing it and distributing the Ore around the Crater. Unfortunately, they play right into the D-Bros. plan, as the cart was loaded with rust dust so that the Trux would leave tracks that the Scraptor could follow. Luckily, the Trux discover this fact after finishing their new Renegade Base, and the newly renamed Renegades set out to thwart the D-Bros'. scheme. Concealing the base, they use the dust to lure the D-Bros. to a nest of Gearwigs, and the two T-Trux are driven off.





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