Reptools are a variety of species in the Dinotrux series that resemble hybrids between lizards and various tools.

Types of Reptools

  • Rotilian-drill-like Reptools with interchangeable bits, tape measure tongues, and sprayer tails.
  • Pipe Wrench-wrench-like Reptools
  • Hex Wrench-hex key-like Reptools
  • Picktools-silent Reptools with ice pick faces.

Known Reptools

  • Revvit
  • Ace
  • Click-Clack
  • Waldo
  • Bindy: a Wrench Reptool of the same type as Ace.
  • Grouter: a Wrench Reptool of the same type as Waldo, but in blue.
  • Buzz: a green Rotilian Reptool.
  • Reckless Wrench Tools: a group of Wrench Tools who were former acquaintances of Ace's.
  • Ottos
  • Hudnut
  • Woodland Reptool Leader
  • Woodland Reptool #1: a female Rotilian Reptool who seems to share Click-Clack's anxiety and tendency to pull her head into her body when scared.
  • Woodland Reptool #2
  • Holly: a Wrench Reptool of the same type as Ace but with yellow coloring; only appears in the toyline.
  • Xee
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