The Penguins of Madagascar
“Rock-A-Bye Birdie”
Season 2, Episode 46
Rock-A-Bye Birdie title
Production code
Story by
Written by Gabriel Garza
Storyboards by
Written and storyboarded by
Directed by David Knott
Original air date June 15, 2011
The Penguins of Madagascar Episodes
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"Herring Impaired"

"Rock-A-Bye Birdie" is the forty-sixth episode of Season 2 from The Penguins of Madagascar.


When Kowalski's ray designed to freshen spoiled food accidentally hits Skipper before falling down a storm drain, the leader is turned into a baby penguin, albeit retaining much of adult Skipper's personality. While the other penguins attempt to retrieve the ray, the down-feathered Skipper is baby-sat by Julien, under the story that he is "Petey," the penguins' cousin, much to Skipper's displeasure. After the other penguins find that the ray is in the possession of the sewer rats, they are captured by them. Sensing his team is in danger, baby Skipper slips past a sleeping Julien and enters the sewers, ultimately defeating the Rat King through quick-thinking leadership – and a flatulent emission. With the ray back in Kowalski's possession, he returns Skipper to his normal self at the HQ.


  • This is the first time where Skipper is seen as a baby. His appearance is also different in Penguins of Madagascar.
  • As a baby, Skipper isn't as physically powerful as he is in his true age, and tires out more easily. His voice sounds squeakier too (do penguins go through puberty?). But his mental state is still fully-grown, and he is determined to prove he's still fit for a mission.
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