Rockin' the Suburbs
Album:Over the Hedge Soundtrack
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Rockin' the Suburbs is a song by Ben Folds from his album with the same name.

In 2006, Folds rewrote this song for the animated movie Over the Hedge, with film co-star William Shatner providing some speaking parts, acting as a neighbor. Shatner does the voice for Ozzie the Opossum, who encourages his daughter Heather (voice by Avril Lavigne) to play dead in threatening situations. It is the first song to play in the end credits.

In the credits, the song does not feature William Shatner's speaking part. Instead, where Shatner's speaking would normally be heard, the animals are heard talking about TV, with some of them making various pop-culture references, including Hammy, who makes references to both Star Trek and TNT.

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