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“'You see, I'm a traveller by nature. I did that whole barnyard thing for a while but I couldn't really get into it. Hi, how are you? Nope! The open road, that's more my style. Yep, just give me a pack on my back and point me where the wind blows'
―Rocky introducing himself [src]

Rocky Rhode Island Red, or "Rhodes" for short, is one of the main characters of Chicken Run. He is the Rhode Island Red, who is a flying American rooster and the helper of all hens. He is Ginger's boyfriend turned husband.


He is an extremely handsome rooster, who manages to make many hens swoon for him. He has the american flag as a scarf, a big, droopy comb, similar to Fowler's, but a more brilliant red, has brown feathers on his body, yellow feathers from the neck up, and tail feathers that are blue and green, that are longer than those on the hens, rather like Fowler's. 


Rocky loves fame, respect, recognition, attention, and adulation, which was always handed to him. He has a charm that attracts many to him, an intelligent wit, and a flair for showmanship, making him highly attractive. Rocky also tends to sugercoat the harshness of reality, as he believes it will shatter people's wills, and tends to be rather lazy. At first, he was obnoxious, cowardly, evil,villainous,mean, two-faced, and lied if it meant he could evade life in the circus, suggesting he wasn't treated well there, such as claiming he could actually fly. He also was willing to abandon the hens at first. When he met ginger, he disliked her, getting her name wrong, quite a few times in a row, because she was the first hen he could possibly of met, who possessed a 'show, don't tell,' attitude toward him. Because she actually placed realistic expectations on him, he was secretly fascinated, and became attached to her over time, admiring her confidence. Due to her stern, hard to get character, rocky went to great lengths to impress her, and protect her, and despite almost abandoning the flock, he returned, and ultimately saved the entire flock. He also endangered himself, by entering the pie machine, just to save her, as ginger's noble, brave,heroic, and kind nature had rubbed off on him. He speaks with an american accent, and claims to be American, though Bunty doubted he actually came from America.


Chicken Run


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  • His name is a pun on the name of the ice cream flavor rocky road.
  • Rocky is played by Mel Gibson who voiced John Smith in the Disney film Pocahontas.