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“'You see, I'm a traveller by nature. I did that whole barnyard thing for a while but I couldn't really get into it. Hi, how are you? Nope! The open road, that's more my style. Yep, just give me a pack on my back and point me where the wind blows'
―Rocky introducing himself [src]

Rocky Rhodes is the deuteragonist of Chicken Run. He is the Rhode Island Red, who is a flying American rooster and the helper of all hens. He is Ginger's love interest.


He is an extremely handsome rooster, who manages to make many hens swoon for him. He has the american flag as a scarf, a big, droopy comb, similar to Fowler's, but a more brilliant red, has brown feathers on his body, yellow feathers from the neck up, and green tail feathers, that are longer than those on the hens, rather like Fowler's. 


Rocky has his first appearance after being shot out of a cannon, and then accidentally injures himself after flying too straight. As Rocky is taken to Chicken Hut #17, his left wing is wrapped in a bandage, with a safety pin hooked on it. He agrees with every word Ginger says.


Chicken Run


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  • His name is a pun on the name of the ice cream flavor rocky road.
  • Rocky is played by Mel Gibson who voiced John Smith in the Disney film Pocahontas.