“''Roddy St. James saves the day!

Roderick "Roddy" St. James is the main character of Flushed Away.


Roddy is a pet mouse (most likely a rat) owned by a girl named Tabitha. When the family is away on holiday, he meets an overweight, lazy rat named Sid from the sewers. Sid popped up from the kitchen sink one night and declared the place his, calling attempting to force Roddy to be his servant. Roddy tries to get rid of Sid by getting him to relax in the "jacuzzi" which is actually the toilet.

Sid isn't fooled and flushes him down instead. There, he meets a scavenger female rat named Rita. Roddy had never really ventured the outdoors, or never really needed to (so he thought). He is charming but when he first arrives in the sewer, he gets frightened or surprised/shocked easily.

In the game and test animations for the film, Roddy has two gerbil butlers named Gilbert and Sullivan (who always call him "Sir"). In the movie, he lives alone — his only friends being Tabitha's dolls.

Roddy was flushed away to the sewers by Sid because Roddy was going to flush Sid down the loo by tricking him into thinking it was a jacuzzi, with the leaver being the "bubbles".


Roddy wears a tuxedo (he usually takes off his black jacket and bow tie) and black shoes. Roddy has brown frizzy hair. When Roddy first arrived in the sewer, he saw life in new eyes. He is a persona from a place that looks very fantasy.


Roddy is an uptight and somewhat snobbish rat in the beginning of the film. He enjoys the freedom when his human family is away, but gets lonely, being aware his friends are only dolls. Even though he is alone in the house, he always made sure things were clean and in place (vacuuming up the peas he used as golf balls). He is grossed out by Sid, the sewer rat who shows up and takes over the house.

He is horrified when he ends up in the sewers, but amazed to find a full functioning city of rats in the sewers. He is easily scared by all of the new things, especially in the thrill upon meeting Rita and getting mixed up in her feud with The Toad. Roddy also appears to be very anxious throughout the film. Though he is scared easily, he builds up bravery by the end of the film, saving Rita and the rest of the sewer city from The Toad and Le Frog.


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