“'Roddy St. James saves the day'
―Roddy [src]

Roderick "Roddy" St. James is the main protagonist of Flushed Away.


Roddy is a pet mouse (most likely a rat) owned by a girl named Tabitha. When the family us away on holiday, he meets an overweight, lazy rat named Sid from the sewers, Roddy tries to get rid of Sid by getting him to relax in the "jacuzzi" which is actually the toilet.

Sid isn't fooled and flushes him down instead. There, he meets a scavenger female rat named Rita. Roddy had never really ventured the outdoors, or never really needed to (so he thought). He is charming but when he first arrives in the sewer, he gets frightened or surprised/shocked easily.

In the game, Roddy has two hamster butlers named Gilbert the Hamster and Sullivan the Hamster (who always call him "Sir"). In the movie and the sequel, he lives alone.

Roddy was flushed away to the sewers by Sid because Roddy was going to flush Sid down the loo.


Roddy wears a tuxedo (he usually takes off his black jacket and bow tie) and black shoes. Roddy has brown frizzy hair. When Roddy first arrived in the sewer, he saw life in new eyes. He is a persona from a place that looks very fantasy.


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