“Rollodons (episode)”
Season 2, Episode 4
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Rollodons" is the fourteenth episode of Dinotrux.


Ty and his friends discover that tar is seeping up along their most common travel routes in The Crater, posing a hazard to their efforts to get around. Seeking a means of dealing with the problem, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Rollodons, a species of Dinotrux who flatten everything in their path. Ty sees the Rollodons as potentially helpful, but his attempts to interact with them end in failure. Revvit shows particular dislike for the new arrivals, and eventually shares with Ty that he had a traumatic encounter with Rollodons in his youth that ended with them inexplicably departing.

Skya, Dozer, and Ton-Ton each attempt various means of directing the Rollodons, whether by brute force or by attempting to communicate, but the simple-minded Trux ignore all their efforts. However, when their course takes them towards The Garage, they turn away at the sight of Revvit, leading the Trux and tools to conclude that Rollodons are afraid of Reptools. With this in mind, the group makes and implements a plan to direct the Rolldon stampede in a way to deal with the tar problem. The effort succeeds, resulting in the creation of a paved path.




  • The Rollodons' fear of Reptools is similar to the mythical fear elephants have of mice.


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