Romelle (Season 6 Ep. 4)

Romelle is female Altean and ally of Paladins of Voltron from Voltron: Legendary Defender.


Romelle comes from a distant planet with thousands Alteans. She has lived there since the war against Zarkon and the Galra Empire began. She told the Paladins when Zarkon attacked Altea many Altean were absent on expeditions. And when the remaining remnants heard their homes being destroyed, they hid for years. But Lotor found some of them. After finding them Lotor kept them safe by hiding them on a remote planet beyond the quantum abyss. And over time, the Alteans came to worship Lotor as their savior. Then generations ago Lotor intended to create a second colony far away from them. But to do so, he had to judge who would be strong enough to survive the journey. Those found to be suitable were loaded on Lotor's ship and taken to another colony. All communications were forbidden to reveal the location of the colony. And later Lotor took them out to another colony. And one among them was her brother Bandor. Later Bandor contacted when he got away. When he crashed to the ground, he died. He was in poor condition that he could not fly the ship long. She knew the truth, or at least some of it, but she also knew he would not be credited without evidence. And when Keith, Krolia, and Cosmo arrived they were her last hope. She told them what happened to Bandor and as it turned out, so many Alteans that had been taken before him. And when they told her of their mission they knew there must have been a connection between the missing Alteans and the pure strain of quintessence. According to Krolia the second colony is to hear the planet moon. And when they went there they found missing Alteans. And they found out that Lotor collect their quintessence. And then they started to stop Lotor. And when Lotor was defeated she worked with Paladins of Voltron.


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