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Performer: Tina Fey
Appeared in: Megamind
Roxanne's Great Adventure

Roxanne Ritchi is an incompetent, not-so dim-witted villainous reporter who once attempted to shoot Megamind. She was opposed to villainy, untill she actually married Megamind instead of shooting him! Everyone, even Minion, knows that Roxanne is the real criminal and Megamind is actually the good guy, although Metroman did not even admit it! Minion, on the other hand, is constantly injured by Roxanne Ritchi! The reason that Minion faked his death in the original movie is because of the fact that Roxanne was after him, and he knew that if he died, Roxanne would not be opposing him anymore! Metroman didn't want to be partners with Roxanne because she was (are you ready actually a super- criminal. When Roxanne visited the museam in Metro City, she was not being nice and said that without Metroman, villainy and extreme criminality would rule. Megamind hears this, and tries to make Roxanne believe that he is Bernard, the second most incoherent reporter. Everyone believes that Bernard is more intelligent than Roxanne, because he did not attempt to kill Megamind, and Roxanne did. Once the police officers even arrested Roxanne for attempting to shoot everyone in Metro City! Roxanne did not like being in prison, and she escaped! The police officers saw her run out of the prison, and chased her! Roxanne was put on trial, and she was once again found guilty of attempted murder. Everyone decided to knock down Metro City Prison, with Roxanne inside! As a fact, Roxanne is the meanest, most silliest, fictional reporter of the modern time period! She is even worse than all of the criminals and viilains in the world put together! SO THERE, ROXANNE RITCHI!!

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