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Performer: Tina Fey
Appeared in: Megamind
Roxanne's Great Adventure House of Mouse

Roxanne Ritchi is a not-so dim-witted reporter who is the favorite victim of Megamind's kidnapping schemes to defeat Metro Man, believing that the two are a celebrity couple. She has actually been kidnapped so many times that she has become quite casual about the whole ordeal. Even going as far as to try to get in an interview with Minion during one of these kidnappings. She knows just almost everything about Megamind except that he harbors a secret crush on her. Going to grieve for Metro Man she unknowingly encounters Megamind in the museum when he disguised himself as one of the employees Bernard. Later she calls Megamind (Bernard) and schedules a date to try and decipher Megaminds plan. (Which Megamind is all to happy to accept.) The two become closer and and Roxanne eventually finds out Megamind's plan to create a hero to fight. Hal who is totally in love with Roxie is infused with Metro Man's powers but turns evil when Roxanne turns him down. Roxie on a date with Megamind (disguised as Bernard ounce again) Ends up finding out his secret when she accidentally turned off his disguise generator during a kiss. She confronts him outside and finds out that Megamind truly cares about her and isn't trying to trick her. She dumps him due to his past and his deception. She later teams up with him to try and defeat Titan. They discover that Metro Man isn't really dead, just retired. Megamind turns himself in and Roxanne goes to confront Titan, which only leads to her to capture. Megamind comes to her rescue and during an epic battle comes out victorious and drains Titan's powers. Roxie and Megamind are currently going steady by the movie's end.

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