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You think that's great? You're looking at the undefeated dodgeball champion!
―Sam Gillman.

Sam Gillman is Ruby's 7-year-old[1] brother, and one of the three tritagonists (alongside Arthur Gillman and Uncle Brill) in the DreamWorks film, Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken.



Sam is an energetic, 'cool' second grader. He is the most outgoing of the Gillmans, and while he is playful in teasing his sister at times, he means well. Sam is able to click with most people easily, and get along immediately, such as his uncle Brill and his Grandmamah.

While Ruby has an interest in the ocean, Sam in contrast has a huge adoration for dodgeball. His social confidence seems to stem from his skill at the sport, resulting in a rather cocky demeanor occasionally. Sam uses his kraken abilities to become his school’s dodgeball champion, even going as far as people calling him a ‘legend’; a title he later embraces once the humans accept him for who he is.

His secondary interest is related to sea monsters, which he expresses in a hyperactive and excited manner. Sam knew nothing about his own species for a while, resulting in questions that were very imaginative. As soon as he discovered his own sister was a giant kraken, he showed envy without malice, hinting toward his desires in wanting to be a giant kraken himself, only for Arthur to tells him that only the women in the family have the ability to turn giant.

Despite being slightly arrogant, a likeness he shared with his sister was the fear of the ocean. While it is only touched upon briefly, the kid seemed to have believed that if a kraken had gone into the ocean, they would die. This fear may have been less severe, though, as he could later handle being on a ship twice without any issues.

Part of Sam’s personality is his irritability. He can become easily agitated, with said anger at times being directed into strength. He has a sense of protectiveness for Ruby, and while he doesn’t show it often, he will try and defend her from certain threats, such as the Mermaid Queen.

Physical Appearance[]

Sam is the shortest kraken of the family, and has light aquamarine skin, freckles, dark-blue eye-length tentacle hair and turquoise eyes. He has large fins that protrude from the sides of his head, acting as ears.

For clothing, he wears a red cap with a white wave symbol sewn into the front, with the brim being black underneath. He also wears a red hoodie with a black and white '17' on the front, red sport pants, and red sneakers.


Ruby Gillman[]


Ruby is Sam’s older sister by nine years. He loves to tease her, usually about her crush on the skater boy at high-school, Connor. Despite the constant teasing in a way only a sibling can do, he loves her greatly. Sam will not hesitate to defend or protect her from those out to get her, such as when Nerissa tried to kill her.

When he discovers that Ruby is a giant kraken, he grows supremely jealous of her without an ounce of malice. Due to his child-like wonder and hyperactive persona, he gets excited, asking her many questions and attempting to record her transformation despite his mother’s protests. The overexcitement of this revelation later switches to his grandmother’s form.

Uncle Brill[]

Brill is Sam’s uncle. He didn’t know he had an uncle prior to meeting him. They instantly get along, Brill’s goofy persona meshing well with Sam’s outgoingness.

Arthur Gillman[]

Arthur is Sam’s father, and the one he has the closest bond with. The two of them both share an interest in sports, usually making it a game to put the dishes in the sink. Even though he dislikes his dad’s flirting towards his mom, he loves him and the rest of his family endlessly.


Grandmamah is Sam’s warrior queen grandmother. Just like with Brill, they were both unaware of each other’s existences prior to the clash between Ruby and Nerissa. As soon as they meet, Sam’s initial excitement from Ruby’s giant kraken form shifts to his grandmother’s, immediately enjoying her presence.





  • A subtle design can be compared with his sister is that their clothing contrasts their colors, Sam wears red clothing while Ruby wears a green sweater.
    • Their personalities also contrast each other with how Sam is so well out-going and full of energy whilst Ruby is usually reserved with herself.
  • Despite being cisgender, his voice actor, Blue Chapman, is actually transgender in real life.
  • over 50 kids auditioned for the role before Blue Chapman won the role.
  • he is based on co-writer Brian C Brown as a kid.



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