Admiral Sanda looks at the message of Sam and Colleen

Admiral Ellen Sanda was the former leader of the Galaxy Garrison from the Netflix TV series Voltron: Legendary Defender.


When Sam, Matt and Shiro were captured by the Galra Empire, she tried to keep alien life secret because she wanted to control everything, even though she couldn't. When Sam returned to Earth to build Earth's defense, she forced Sam to stay hidden against his will because she didn't want to reveal the existence of alien life to the world and because everyone thought Sam was dead. But later when Sam and Colleen told the world about the Galra Empire and needed help building the Earth's defense, she didn't like it. But But their speech inspired people on Earth to offer help to the Galaxy Garrison. And when Sendak and his forces invaded Earth with the intention of Lions of Voltron, she did not tolerate her orders being opposed. And when the Paladins arrived on Earth, she wanted the Lions handed over to Sendak because she saw them as her only negotiating asset. And she he betrayed the Paladins and the Galaxy Garrison because she believed Sendak would leave Earth if he got lions. But it was a lie and she was taken prisoner. And when Sendak sent Lieutenant Hepta to kill the Paladins, she decided to do the right thing and help them. During the battle, she took damage, but when Hepta was killed and the Paladins escaped from their cells, she asked them to save the Earth and she died.


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