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Season 1, Episode 9
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Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes
"Fake Ravine"

"Sandstorm" is the ninth episode of Dinotrux.


The Trux are enjoying a game of Patunk when they uncover a geyser that they plug up for safety, during which Ace claims to be a Dinotrux in a Wrenchtool body. Skya then warns them that what appears to be a harmless incoming thunderstorm is in fact a sandstorm, prompting them all to head for The Garage. With the entrance open to the elements, Ty and Revvit go in search of a large stone to block it while Ace shares the story of an Ankylodump named Grinder permanently damaged by such a storm. Unfortunately, after arriving back with the rock, Ty finds that Revvit is missing and goes back out to look for him, only to seize up due to the sand shortly after locating him.

Fearing Ty's lengthy absence, Skya leads Dozer and Ton-Ton out into the storm to find him while Garby remains in the garage with the other Reptools. The Trux find Ty only to end up frozen themselves, but receive some aid when Garby arrives, freezing up himself but bringing the Reptools to help the Dinotrux at Ace's insistence. With a pack of Scraptors closing in, the group hits upon a plan to build a Trux Wash over the geyser and use the water pressure to clean the sand out of everyone. Thanks to Revvit and Click-Clack spraying them out, the Trux are able to build the wash for a proper cleaning and drive off the Scraptors.




  • Dozer acknowledges Ace as possessing "true grit", which may be a nod to [wikipedia:True Grit|several subjects].