“Sawmetradon (episode)”
Season 3, Episode 4
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"Sawemetradon" is the twenty-seventh episode of Dinotrux.


Menaced by a fearsome Sawmetradon, a group of woodland Reptools agree to let one of their number, Hudnut, go in search of a rumored friendly T-Trux. Unfortunately, his path takes him to the Fortress of Fear, where he is menaced by D-Structs before being saved by the true object of his search, Ty, who happened to be in the area looking for Ore. Hudnut soon explains the predicament of himself and his fellow Reptools, and Ty and his friends soon set out to confront the threat. The Sawmetradon, who goes by the name of Splitter, refuses to heed Ty's offer of leading him to an uninhabited forest. A battle erupts as a result, during which Revvit identifies a means of stopping Splitter: jamming his interconnected blades.

Upon examining the sleeping Splitter, the Reptools realize that the only access point that will work for their plans cannot be reached by ordinary means. However, by working with the woodland Reptools, the Trux are able to use bamboo scaffolding from the village to construct a structure from which Revvit and Hudnut are able to drop down into Splitter. Unfortunately, he is awakened by their activities, and sets his sights directly on the Reptool village. However, Ty and the others are able to delay him long enough for the tools to complete their mission, and Splitter is forced to flee after refusing again to find a peaceful solution. Ty and his team then part ways from their new friends, unaware that D-Structs has observed Splitter and is pleased that Ty is "making enemies" as well.





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