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The Scallions are the main antagonists in the Big Idea franchise, VeggieTales.


They are a trio of unnamed scallions who may or may not be related and either play biblical or original characters that are usually villainous roles, however they do not only play evil roles, others they either play as antagonists who don't wish to harm the heroes but are still not setting a good example, such as when they ran the Stuff Mart in Madame Blueberry, they kept on pushing her to buy more things that she didn't need, other roles however included more sinister goals such as when they played The Wisemen in The Book of Daniel story which in the show was called Daniel and the Lions' Den they became jealous of Daniel's popularity with their king, so they tricked the King into letting them throw him into the lion's den to be eaten by the lions. Occasionally, they play background characters and even minor protagonists such as in "Sweet Pea Beauty".


Scallion #1 is the tallest and leader of the group, and most likely the oldest, he's usually the one to come up with their plans, he also plays quite a few roles in the show without the other two and has the most screen time.

Scallion #2 is the medium-height and believed to be the middle child, and has the least screen time of the other two, even though the leader usually comes up with their plans, Scallion #2 was actually the first one to suggest their plan to throw Daniel out of Babylon when he said "Or" in their villain song "Oh, No! What We Gonna Do?".

Scallion #3 is the shortest and presumed youngest scallion. He has the second most screen time of the Scallions as he played a solo role where he robbed two kids of their lunch money.



  • They have often been treated as unimportant characters throughout the entire VeggieTales series, there was even a time where the leader was shown cleaning after one of the musicals and was asked about who he was, he replied with "They never gave me a name, I've been around since show one and I still don't have a name!". They are also less popular than the other villains of the show such as Fib and Nebby K. Nezzer.
  • In the credits of The End of Silliness? for the silly song "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps", the Scallions' names are revealed to be Huey, Dewey and Louie.


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