Scorpion Soldier Scarback

Scarback is a scorpion soldier from the Netflix TV series, Kulipari: An Army of Frogs.


When Scarback served Lord Marmoo, he fought under Commander Pigo's command. When he and other scorpion warriors appeared in Amphibilands with Commander Pigo, their mission was to capture that acacia tree and bring it to the main camp so Jarrah could use it to break the Veil. But Darel came in their way and was about to save the acacia tree, and when Pigo saw Darel on the dam, he told Scarback and Cutclaw to take him out of the way. But the dam was breaking and they had to retreat. But they did get a branch of acacia wood that they hoped would be enough for Jarrah, and besides, they kidnapped Gee and took him to Lord Marmoo for food.


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