Season 3, Episode 15
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"Magnet Mountain"

"Scaretrux" is the thirty-eighth episode of Dinotrux.


While collecting scrap from a stockpile in The Crater, Ty and his friends are attacked by Scraptors, and Garby is left damaged as a result. "Wings", an Otto who has accompanied the group, identifies a bit needed to repair the Stegarbasaurus and indicates that it can be found at the Ottos' old ravine, which is nearby. Meanwhile, D-Structs kicks Skrap-It and the other Scraptools out of his Fortress of Fear for incompetence, demanding that they do something useful if they wish to return. Finding the necessary part among the Ottos' supplies, the Reptools are attacked by more Scraptors but are able to scare them off using the Ottos' Scaretrux, a mock-up of a T-Trux. With their Dragonflopters scared off as well, the tools decide to refit the Scaretrux into a vehicle, complete with defenses and range of motion.

The effort proves successful, and the tools make it through Scraptor territory, though the Scaretrux take a beating. Not wanting to leave it, Revvit calls upon the other tools to help him repair it, only for it to be stolen by the Scraptools once it's been completed. Thinking quickly, the tools return to Ty and the others, who have been fighting off Scraptors, shortly before D-Structs and the Scraptool-controlled Scaretrux arrive. A battle soon ensues, and Revvit is able to drive out the Scraptools but then must sacrifice the Scaretrux to save his friends, but soon realizes that he didn't need it to be helpful. Unfortunately, the experience has given D-Structs an idea about "strength in numbers."





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