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The Scorpion Army is an army led by Lord Marmoo from Netflix TV series, Kulipari: An Army of Frogs.


When Marmoo united all the scorpion tribes into an army, all the army warriors fought against the frogs and helped Marmoo take over the Amphibilands. And when Marmoo conquered the Frog, he drove all the frogs and the platypuses to the desert. But before the conquest, Marmoo's little brother, Pigo, and some of the scorpion warriors got hurt and decided to leave because they would have to eat the strong. And when Marmoo was defeated, the frogs, theplatypuses, the scorpions that left Marmoo's army, the spiders, and the pouch rats set up a new village. But the scorpions that followed Marmoo tried to survive under Caz's leadership, until Marmoo's son, Stinger, began to lead them.