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The Scorpion Warriors are the soldiers of Lord Marmoo's Scorpion Army from Kulipari: An Army of Frogs.


When Marmoo united all Scorpion tribes into a war against the frogs, so not all the warriors of the scorpion tribes fought among themselves, but under the flag of Marmoo. But they realized that Sergu's magic had not diminished over the years, so they decided to ally with the spiders and their queen, Jarrah. And at first, they went to get the flower of the Greater Acacia from the Amphibilands. And after getting one branch of that flower and Gee captured and a snack for Marmoo, they brought the flower to the main camp. And when Darel and Gee escaped, the Scorpion Army prepared to attack Amphibilands with Killara and his mercenaries. But Darel managed to defeat Marmoo temporarily with Kulipari Four and Yabber. But when Jarrah made Marmoo stronger and Chief Olba died, the Scorpion Army made a final assault on Amphibilands. And Marmoo defeated the frogs, and they were driven into the desert with the platypuses. But during the battle, Marmoo's little brother, Pigo, and some of the Scorpion Warriors were wounded, and after rescuing two platypuses, they followed the frogs and platypuses because they needed a new leader. And so they chose Darel as the new leader. And when Marmoo was defeated, the scorpions serving Darel set up a new village with frogs, platypuses and spiders. And in Kulipari: Dream Walker when Marmoo was believed dead, the scorpions that followed him tried to survive under Caz. Until Marmoo's son, Stinger, began to lead them.