For the species, see Scrapadactyls (species).
“Scrapadactyls (episode)”
Season 1, Episode 2
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Written by Steve Altiere
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Written and storyboarded by
Directed by Donna Brockopp
Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes
"Ty and Revvit"

"Scrapadactyls" is the second episode of Dinotrux.


While working on Ty, Skya, Dozer, and Ton-Ton, Revvit decides that they need some additional Reptool help, and travels to the Reptool Ravine to recruit it. Enlisting nervous Click-Clack, would-be builder Ace, and grouchy Waldo, he brings them out to meet the Trux, with each tool bonding with a different Trux. Waldo proves skeptical, however, as Reptools traditionally remain in secluded locations for their own safety; his fears seem justified after a trio of Scrapadactyls carry the Reptools off to their nest. The Dinotrux quickly follow them, and set about various methods to try and rescue the tools.

With help from Revvit, the Trux are able to build a staircase that Skya uses to help the new tools escape, while Revvit is able to use a piece of scrap as a glider. However, despite their escape, Waldo and the others feel that returning to the ravine is the best course; however, their suggestion of safety gives Ty an idea. Back in the ravine, the trio of tools find themselves enjoying a certain celebrity from being outside, and come to feel confined by their old surroundings. Fortunately, Revvit arrives with a solution: plans for The Garage, a home where the Trux and tools can work together in safety. Elated by this proposal, the three tools quickly rejoin the Trux and set about planning to build their new home.





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