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“Scraptool Apprentice”
Season 8, Episode 8
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"Ankylodump Games"
"Silent Trux"

"Scraptool Apprentice" is the seventy-third episode of Dinotrux and the eighth episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


D-Structs and D-Stroy find their efforts to interrogate Trux for location on the Renegades' location foiled by the heroes' repair efforts. As Trux flock to the Part Kart, Revvit introduces new preassembled repair parts, which Waldo thinks are unwise. The D-Bros. decide that they need to collect all the scrap in The Crater to prevent Ty's group from making repairs, and Skrap-It volunteers for the job. After realizing the enormity of the task, he captures and installs a Sparkbug Supercharger in himself and several other Scraptools.

Now stronger and faster, the Scraptools succeed in collecting a large quantity of scrap. However, the other Scraptools-led by Knock-It-soon come to resent Skrap-It's attempts to lord over them and stage a revolt. Imprisoning Skrap-It, they take over the Fortress of Fear and start attacking Dinotrux in the Crater. Meanwhile the Renegades, having noticed the scrap shortage, come across George after he's been attacked by Knock-It's tools.

The Renegades go after the Scraptools but are unable to deal with their enhanced abilities, and are left without needed replacement parts due to Revvit's pet project. Skrap-It attempts to scare Knock-It by reminding her about the D-Bros., but she expresses confidence in their ability to defeat the two T-Trux. Revvit and Click-Clack, having deduced what has happened, install superchargers in themselves and head to the Fortress of Fear to reclaim the parts. Unfortunately, when they come into contact with Skrap-It, their Superchargers short out, and they are left trapped in the cave.

Knock-It's force attacks the other Renegades as they arrive on Revvit's trail, and the trapped tools reluctantly collaborate. Playing on the Scraptools' natural desire to scrap, they build a sphere with two Superchargers inside and set it rolling. When the tools take it apart, the Superchargers come together and release a wave of energy, shorting out each other and the chargers in the tools. Back at the fortress, Skrap-It returns to the task of gathering scrap, and manages to both pleasantly surprise D-Stroy and annoy D-Structs.





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