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*George's reference to "purple volcano majesties and amber-"
*George's reference to "purple volcano majesties and amber-" is a reference to [[Wikipedia:America the Beautiful|America the Beautiful]].
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[[Category:Dinotrux episodes]]

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You may be looking for Scraptors (species).
“Scraptors (episode)”
Season 1, Episode 4
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Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes

"Scraptors" is the fourth episode of Dinotrux.


While Ty and Ton-Ton play a game, Ton-Ton loses a bolt for his hydraulics; at the same time, a stripped nut leaves Dozer unable to raise his frill. The Garage is then invaded by a Scraptor, whom the Trux eventually able to trap before having Ton-Ton carry it a safe distance away. Unfortunately, he is then set upon by a whole pack of them, and due to his missing part is left flipped onto his back and unable to right himself. The Scraptors then drag him to their home in Scraptor Valley, where he encounters a partially disassembled-and somewhat strange-Dozeratops named George.

Learning of Ton-Ton's predicament, his friends arrive to rescue him, and quickly repair George as well so that they can all escape. Unfortunately, Ton-Ton's tickelish nature triggers laughter during his repair, and the previously sleeping Scraptors soon set upon the group. Luckily, Ty is able to dig a tunnel to escape the valley while his friends hold of the enemy, and he then collapses the far entrance to prevent the majority of the Scraptors from following. With George safely on his way and a replacement part for Dozer secured, Revvit regales the other Reptools with the tale of their adventure.





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