The standard variety of Scraptors along with Skrap-It and several Scrapadactyls.

Scraptors are a species from Dinotrux that resemble Velociraptors; like Scrapadactyls they delight in taking other breeds of Dinotrux apart for scrap. Common features include wheels in place of feet, and claw hands that can shoot out on the end of extending cables.

Scraptor Varieties

  • Basic-the most common Scraptor variety, known to be immune to the detrimental effects of sandstorms.
  • Desert-a horned variant of Scraptor who live in the desert; they are known for setting traps and for recognizing a single pack leader, who does not necessarily have to be a Scraptor so long as they have horns.
  • Arctic-a more aggressive type of Scraptor who live in cold environments. Two of them have been named "Besse" and "Bitey" by Snowblazer.
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