Pharoah Seti I (or simply known as Pharaoh or Seti) is a minor antagonist from The Prince of Egypt.


Pharaoh Seti I may appear to be a wise and kind old man, but he is also quite stern. He has a vicious and dark streak, having every Hebrew baby boy to be killed.

Role in Film

Pharaoh Seti I is the ruler of Egypt alongside his queen, Tuya. He is the father of Rameses II and the adoptive father of Moses. At the beginning of the film, he ordered his Egyptian soldiers to kill every Hebrew baby boy, as he feared that they would overrule him. Later, he reprimands Moses and Rameses after a temple is destroyed. Seti later appears at the feast where he orders Hotep and Huy to bring out Tzipporah, a Midian girl captured as a concubine for Moses, who later escapes that night. After Moses has a nightmare of his people being killed, Pharaoh reveals to Moses he killed the Hebrew infants to keep their population in check, in case they might have rebelled against the Egyptian citizens. He later isn't seen for the rest of the movie, but dies some point after Moses escapes into the desert and hands over the throne to Rameses.



Pharaoh's voice actor, Patrick Stewart, also plays Jean Luc Piccard in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In the original biblical story, the Pharaoh still rules Egypt. In the film, Pharaoh passes away and his son Rameses gains the throne.

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