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Shelby is a girl scout in the movie Over the Hedge. She famously smashes Hammy with a book in the movie. She also sprays Hammy with pepper spray thinking he is a rabid squirrel. Shelby's best friend is Mackenzie. Her favorite cookies are Love Handles. Shelby's favorite pastime is watching TV.

"Rabies!!!!!!"- Shelby "Take that!!!!!!"- Shelby
"Get off of me!!!!!"- Shelby "Help me!!!!!!"- Shelby


Shelby can be seen as a symbol of the problems with American youth. She is chubby, cruel, and lazy. Instead of running away or telling Hammy to shoo, she smashes him with a thick book with all her might and sprays him with pepper spray, yelling "Take That!!!". Ironically Shelby has a badge in safety yet ignores the safety instructions to run away. After that Verne ends up on Shelby's face where she screams "Get it off!!" and to get it off Mackenzie attempts to hit Verne with the same book but instead hits Shelby giving Shelby a little taste of her own medicine. When Shelby and Mackenzie complain to Mackenzie's mother, Janis about Hammy, Janis

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Shelby sprays Hammy with pepper spray.

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Shelby does a fist pump because she can now watch Tv.

tells them to go inside, have a cookie, and watch TV. When Shelby hears this, she does a fist pump to Mackenzie, instead of asking her mom if they should keep selling cookies. This demonstrates Shelby's lazy attitude which symbolizes kids today and their lack of work ethic. Shelby also has contempt for all animals as evidenced by her over the top, cruel treatment of Hammy of smashing him with a thick book and then pepper spraying him. This is also symbolized by her admiration of the Verminator as when he arrives, she looks up at him in admiration and lets out an "Oooooh." In essence, Shelby represents humanities lack of care or respect for animals or their habitats. Shelby is also extremely obese with a waistline to height ratio of 76.36 or in simpler terms is 4 foot 7 inches with a 42-inch waistline. The reason for this is explained by her desire to watch tv and eat cookies. She symbolizes human overconsumption of food, which is extremely parodied in Over the Hedge.

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Shelby prepares to hit Hammy with a book.

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Shelby is extremely obese.

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Shelby admires the Verminator, letting out an "Oooooh."

I want my cookiess!! -Hammy

I want my cookiess!! -Hammy. Over The Hedge

This video shows Shelby and Mackenzie's encounter with Hammy and Verne. Skip to 0:56 for the encounter.


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