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"Shockarachnids" is the thirty-seventh episode of Dinotrux.


Following the events of "Pounder", the Trux are putting the finishing touches on their new Trux Wash, while Skya and Dozer are being competitive as usual. Upon spotting a herd of Craneosaurs and a herd of Dozeratops in conflict, the Trux go to break it up; they soon learn that the dispute is over a supply of Ore. Ty helps break up the argument by unearthing another, larger cache, which Dozer and Skya remain behind to divide between the herds while Ty and Ton-Ton return home. Unfortunately, while attempting to race home in the dark they get lost and run into a colony of Shockarachnids.

Damaged by the creatures, Dozer and Skya are forced to work together in an effort to get home while dealing with their resulting handicaps. They eventually succeed in building a means of getting past the Shockarachnids, but run into trouble when Ty and Ton-Ton inadvertently awaken the creatures during their search for their friends. Fortunately, despite their own damage and that which is incurred by Ty, Ton-Ton, and Revvit, Skya and Dozer are able to work together to drive off the Shockarachnids and some attacking Scrapadactyls. Their job done, the Trux head home to get themselves repaired.