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“Shredadon (episode)”
Season 8, Episode 10
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Silent Trux"
"Lil' Dread"

"Shredadon" is the seventy-fifth episode of Dinotrux and the tenth episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


The Renegades put the finishing touches on a new system for safely storing their Ore, only for Ton-Ton to accidentally set off some explosive Ore. With Renegade Base damaged by the blast, the group heads out to find scrap in order to make repairs. Heading out into the dangerous Outlands, they spot several Scraptors and follow them to a valley filled with piles of scrap. Unfortunately, the location proves to be home to a dangerous Trux known as a Shredadon.

The Renegades' efforts to disable the creature so they can escape prove fruitless, until Ty lands a blow that jams its ability to shred metal with its mouth. Unfortunately, the battle causes a large pile of scrap to fall across the only way in or out of the valley. While the Shredadon leaves in defeat, the Trux and tools attempt to move the pile but are unable to do so. They attempt to build a ramp to get over it, but when it breaks Ace proposes repairing the Shredadon in order to gain it's help.

The Renegades approach the Shredadon, but it is only by taking Waldo's advice to take things slowly that Ace is able to reason with it. The valley is then invaded by Scraptors, which the Renegades try to fight off while Ace works on the Shredadon. Ace is able to complete the repair, but only by encouraging Waldo to emulate her style as she emulated his. With the Shredadon repaired, the Scraptors are driven off, and the Shredadon gratefully opens a path for the Trux and tools to leave.





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