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The Shredadon are a species in the DreamWorksNetflix's series, Dinotrux. They resembling a mechanical Baryonyx or Suchomimus with a built-in industrial shredder.


The Shredadon has a shredding mechanism built into its torso, and eats scrap in order to shred it into sharp metallic scraps as a defense mechanism. It also has a large claw on the end of its tail.



In the episode "Shredadon", Ty Rux and his friends come across a valley full of scrap inhabited by a Shredadon. The creature attacks them after they discover signs of its presence, with the resulting battle seeing its shredder jammed and the Trux trapped in the valley by a mountain of scrap. Realizing that the Shredadon represented their best chance of escaping, the group decided to try and help their antagonist. Ace, by following Waldo's advice to take things slowly, eventually won the creature over and was able to start repair work.

Unfortunately, the local Scraptors became aware of the Shredadon's disability and attacked, forcing it and the Trux to fend them off. In order to get the Shredadon back in working order, Waldo had to take a page out of Ace's book and perform a quick, daredevil repair move. With the Scraptors driven off, the Shredadon-nicknamed "Shreddy" by Ace-cleared a path for Ty's group to leave its valley. In "Ty vs. D-Structs", a Shredadon-presumably the same one-appeared among the vast number of Dinotrux who came to the aid of Ty's group against D-Structs and D-Stroy. Following the departure of the evil T-Trux brothers, it presumably joined in the effort to rebuild the Crater.


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