This is a list of trivia for Shrek 2.


  • In the Fairy Godmother's factory, some workers are putting potions bottles on a conveyer belt. One of the bottles is marked "Viagra".
  • Antonio Banderas also provides the Puss in Boots' voice both in the Spanish and Latin America version, and even in Italian.
  • Shrek is the first DreamWorks Animation film to become a franchise.
  • Along with Shark Tale, this is the first time since 2000 that DreamWorks Animation releases two animated features in the same year.
  • Shrek's human form intentionally resembles his voice actor, Mike Myers.
  • There's a real Cameron Diaz burp during the dinner party scene.
  • Jennifer Saunders performed all her own singing in the film.
  • This was the first Dreamworks sequel ever nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.
  • Shrek is the second Computer-animated film to become a franchise, after Disney/Pixar's Toy Story.
  • When Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey are leaving for Far, Far Away, Donkey starts singing "Rawhide." Eddie Murphy ad-libbed the version that was put into the film.
  • When Mongo is hit by the warm milk, his roar is the same roar as the original Japanese Godzilla.
  • Jennifer Saunders got a voice coach to help her sing for the Fairy Godmother's opening number.
  • In one draft, Prince Charming was a lot more childish and immature and he frequently threw tantrums.
  • Shrek's face is so expressive because it has 218 working muscles in it.
  • John Cleese and Julie Andrews recorded most of their scenes together at the same time, an unusual practice for an animated film.
  • Originally, the Dragon from the first film was to have a major role, and turn into a Pegasus when Donkey drank the potion.
  • This is the first film to have a release of over 4,000 theaters in the USA.
  • The Gingerbread Man's legs have been re-attached with little bands of frosting.
  • This is the first DreamWorks movie to use the new DreamWorks Animation logo.
  • This is the last Shrek film to be distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.
  • Last Shrek film to be released on VHS.
  • Over 300 Hewlett Packard workstations were employed in the making of the film.
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