Opening Credits

  • DreamWorks Pictures Presents

  • A PDI/DreamWorks Production


Srooling Credits

Directed By

  • Andrew Adamson
  • Vicky Jenson

Produced By

  • Aron Warner
  • John H. Williams
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg

Co-Executive Producer

  • David Lipman

Executive Producers

  • Penney Finkleman Cox
  • Sandra Rabins

Based Upon the Book By

  • William Steig

Writen By

  • Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio
  • and
  • Joe Stillman
  • and
  • Roger S.H. Schulman


  • Ted Elliott
  • Terry Rossio

Original Score

  • Harry Gregson-Williams
  • John Powell


  • Sim Evan-Jones

Production Designer

  • James Hegedus

Visual Effects Supervisor

  • Ken Bielenberg

Art Director

  • Pual Frinesbireg

Supervising Animator

  • Raman Hui

Associate Producer

  • Jane Hartwell

Production Manager

  • Triva von Klark

Casting By

Leslee Feldman


(In Onder of Appeance)

Shrek Mike Myers
Donkey Eddie Murphy
Princess Fiona Cameron Diaz
Lord Farquaad John Lithgow
Monsieur Hood

Vincent Cassell

Additional Voices

Ogre Hunters: Peter Denis/Clive Pearse

Captain of Guards: Jim Cummings

Baby Bear: Bobby Block

Geppetto/Magic Mirror: Chris Miller

Pinocchio/Three Pigs: Cody Cameron

Old Woman: Kathleen Freeman

Peter Pan: Michael Glasso

Blind Mice: Christopher Knights/Mike Myers/Simon J. Smith

Thelonious: Christopher Knights

Gingy: Conrad Vernon

Wrestling Fan: Jacquie Barnbrook

Merry Man: Guillaume Aretos/John Bisom/Matthew Gonder/Calvin Remsberg/Jean-Paul Vignon

Bishop: Val Bettin


Story Artists

  • Kelly Asbury
  • Francisco Avalos
  • Rejean Bourdages
  • Ken Bruce
  • Cody Cameron
  • Becky Cassady
  • Eric Darnell
  • Rick Farmiloe
  • Edmund Fong
  • James Fuji
  • Ken Harsha
  • Rob Koo
  • Todd Kurosawa
  • Robert Lence
  • Chris Miller
  • Catherine Yuh Rader
  • Tom Sito
  • David Soren
  • Robert Souza
  • John Stevenson
  • Conrad Vernon
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