Shrek Forever After soundtrack was Released

Happily Ever After performed by Breana Wagner

Track listing

No. Title Artist Length
1. "It's the Rumpelstiltskin Show!" (skit)    0:30
2. "Isn't It Strange" Scissor Sisters 2:18
3. "Tough Love for Baba" (skit)    0:12
4. "One Love" Antonio Banderas 2:50
5. "Sunshine and Rainbows" (skit)    0:19
6. "Top of the World" The Carpenters 2:58
7. "Cupcake Party" (skit)    0:19
8. "Rumpel's Party Palace" Mike Simpson 1:33
9. "Pinocchio Gets His Wish" (skit)    0:39
10. "Click Click" Light FMfeaturing Lloyd Hemmings 1:32
11. "Gingy's Lil' Sugar" (skit)    0:20
12. "Darling I Do" Landon Pigg and Lucy Schwartz 3:24
13. "Shake Your Groove Thing" Mike Simpson 1:34
14. "Hello" Lionel Richie 4:08
15. "Birthday Bash" (skit)    0:30
16. "Sure Shot" Beastie Boys 3:19
17. "Hook's Garrrrden" (skit)    0:24
18. "Right Back Where We Started From" Maxine Nightingale 3:13
19. "Wheezer Wig" (skit)    0:16
20. "I'm a Believer" Weezer 2:59
21. "Home to Fifi" (skit)    0:30
Total length:
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