Sid is the tritagonist of Flushed Away. He is a sewer rat who arrives in Kensington out of the drain and disappoints Roddy when he decides to stay. After Roddy fails to trick Sid into flushing him back into the sewer, Sid flushes Roddy down instead. When Roddy returns to his home with Rita he tries to pass Sid off as his brother but it is revealed that Sid and Rita know each other. Later, whilst watching the World Cup, Roddy realizes The Toad's plan to drown the rats during halftime so he has Sid flush him down the toilet again but not before letting him take his place at the house. Sid is last seen at the house when Roddy's owner Tabitha arrives home from her holidays with a cat much to Sid's horror.




Flushed Away


Sid is a light brown rat that has dark brown hair. He wears a black leather jacket and denim jeans that are too small for him.



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