Who’s bad?

Sinbad is a legendary pirate and the protagonist of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. All the people thought that Sinbad is the one who stole the book which brought light. But the one who stole the book was Eris; she made a deal with Sinbad that if he brings for her the book in the first place she will make him rich famous and rule things. It took for him time to do it but since Eris thought that he will never bring her the book so she did it by herself by wearing a mask of Sinbad and killed one of the guards and she took it and they arrested Sinbad.but since Proteus knew that he is not the one who did it so he took Sinbad's place and told Sinbad to go and find the book Sinbad and his men searched for it with the girl called Marina. She was going to be the bride of Proteus but Sinbad and her fall in love together that time and she was worried if they will ever going to find the book. Since Eris showed Sinbad where she lives they followed the direction of the star. Eris always knew that Sinbad had a black heart and he could let her rule everything but she was wrong he turned himself over to die that is when she really saw that he was good so she gave him back the book and he was free and the whole land got back their light and Proteus really saw that Marina and Sinbad were meant to be together so he let her go to be with Sinbad and at the end Sinbad and Marina kissed.

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