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Skink is a female skink mercenary and Killara's minion alongside Nogo from the Netflix TV series Kulipari: An Army of Frogs and Kulipari: Dream Walker. She moves by sliding her tail, which is why Darel called her a snake.


When Skink fought the Frogs alongside Killara, Nogo and other lizards, they fought against them, recruited by a Scorpion Army. But when Lord Marmoo was defeated, they fled Lord Darkan's troops. But when Marmoo returned from the afterlife, Killara submitted him to tournaments organized by Darkan, though he attacked his troops with Darkan's troops and Darkan demanded one big pearl for paying the taxes and credit for attacking the troops. And Killara, Skink and Nogo tried to steal the pearl back as a glorious act. But Killara rejected her and Nogo, and they had to fight against the giant snake serpent in Darkan's arena. But Ponto got them involved in the rebellion and after that they managed to escape.