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"Slamtools" is the thirty-first episode of Dinotrux.


Skrap-It and his fellow Scraptools come back from an Ore run only to be followed by a mysterious group of hammer-like tools who menace them until D-Structs intervenes. Recognizing them as Slamtools, he makes them an offer, and they subsequently show up at The Garage just after Ty and company have collected a substantial supply of Ore themselves. Putting on an innocent act, the Slamtools persuade all of the Trux and tools-except for Click-Clack-that they're harmless, only to tie them up during the night. Click-Clack, the only one left free as the Slamtools and D-Structs ransack the area, is sent to find Garby so he can help.

Despite facing a number of perils, Click-Clack eventually finds Garby and they return to the Flatirons just as the Scraptools are about to take Ty and the others apart. Garby is then captured by the Slamtools, but Click-Clack surprises the Stegarbasaurus and himself by firing most of his bits at the Slamtools, driving them off. The pair are then able to free Ty and Revvit, and Ty holds off D-Structs while the others free Skya, Dozer, Ton-Ton, Ace, and Waldo. The Slamtools and Scraptools flee, and D-Structs is forced to withdraw due to being outnumbered, while Ty praises Click-Clack's unexpected bravery.