Slav in Beta Traz

Slav is an eccentric alien genius and from the Netflix TV series Voltron: Legendary Defender, who developed gravity-bending technology that could create pockets of space-time capable of concealing an entire outpost of Blade of Marmora.


After developing his gravity generator for the Blade of Marmora-a fact revealed to the Defenders of the Universe by Ulaz of the Blade of Marmora-Slav was somehow captured by the Galra Empire and taken to the prison Beta Traz, where the Warden used advanced technology to torture him and steal secrets from his mind.


Though brilliant, Slav is highly paranoid and eccentric, with his mind constantly considering various alternate realities and the consequences of his actions or of those around him in each of them. This mindset is often a hindrance or annoyance, as Slav refuses to take certain actions based on the slightest probability of negative consequence. He is entirely lacking in interpersonal skills as a result, often belittling others or callously calling attention to subjects of discomfort such as Shiro's cybernetic arm. Slav is one of the few things that can perturb the normally calm and collected Shiro; conversely, Shiro's anger is one of the few things that can cause Slav to stop questioning every possible course of action.


As a scientist and inventor, Slav is a genius of technology, as demonstrated by his ability to create or repair highly advanced devices or systems such as those in the Castle of Lions. However, he is not the most impressive physical specimen, and appears to be entirely lacking in terms of combat ability.


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