Season 3, Episode 1
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"Slide" is the twenty-fourth episode of Dinotrux and the premier of season three.


While coming back from an Ore run, Ty and his friends suffer the latest in a series of Scraptor attacks, making them wish they had an alternative route. Ton-Ton suggests building a large ramp/slide that could be used to bypass the Scraptors, but the other Trux and Revvit are initially dismissive of the idea. Meanwhile, after Skrap-It proposes a number of ridiculous plans to D-Structs, the T-Trux orders him to spy on Ty's group to look for weaknesses. Ton-Ton's despondency over the slide causes Ty to reexamine things, and he decides that they should build it and ask other Trux in The Crater for help.

Ty and his friends soon recruit a number of Trux and tools to aid them, though a number mistakenly travel to D-Structs Fortress of Fear before finally arriving at the build site. D-Structs soon attacks but is fought off by Ty and the others, but decides to resort to sabotage to destroy the bridge and destroy the Trux's spirit in the process. Fortunately, Ty and his friends learn of D-Structs' plans and are able to thwart him, and the sheer number of Trux who side with Ty forces D-Structs to retreat. With the threat averted, the Trux turn to enjoying their new shortcut, while Skrap-It finally gets some attention from D-Structs only to destroy his own model of a possible plan.




  • A Dozeratops resembling George appears during the build sequences, but he has no dialogue and is not addressed by any of the other characters.


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