Slushious is the name that Oh, had given to Tip's car after he modernized it... so it currently runs on slushy power in the 2015 featured film, Home.

When the Boov came to Earth, Tip Tucci hide her red car so it wouldn't get "taken"; until she decided to leave the safety of her apartment and find her mother, with her cat, Pig. When the Boov were cashing Oh, Tip thought that they were looking for her and cashed her car when she tried to get away from them; after she enounced and locked Oh in a freezer, he told her that he can fix her car. Tip didn't trust him for being a Boov, but she need to find her mother and the car to bring her to where she is.

Oh used many items from the shop it chased into to "fix" it, but it wasn't what Tip was "expecting" as Oh "transformed", upgraded and made it run on slushy power. Tip wasn't happy with how it turned out and was afraid that her mother will kill her when she sees it, but once Tip got the hang of it, she became grateful for Oh's work; as it hovering made their journey easier. Oh had also made the car to prepare and "shoot out" many kinds of food, like they were "weapons" on a ship. The down side is that it leaves a trail of slushy on what ever it is packed on, which Kyle used to help him find Oh.

When it crashed from being hit by a Gorg Drone (that they later shot down with the Car's Burrito Torpedos) and the three slushy's that had it run were "seeping out", they used the Gorg Super-Chip from the fallen drone to fix it and the chip made the car zoom right to Happy Humans Town. Later when Oh realized that the Shushing Rock contained and as the Gorg's Mother ship landed on Earth and was slowly destroying the plant, he locked Tip, Lucy and Pig in the car to keep them safe; as he returned the "rock" back to it's rightful owner. Despite being locked in and the car hovering in mid-air, Tip was determent to help her friend.

After the Gorg was reunited with his children and Earth was given back to the humans, the car was repaired; and Tip and Oh are able to use it to go on many adventures in the Netflix series that is based on the film. In one of the episodes, Smek steals the car and gets Tip, Oh and Kyle to get it back from him.


  • The car plays a song whenever it is "activated". Tip had hummed to the song.


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