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The Snow Queen is a one-shot antagonist in the DreamWorksPeacock's series, Where's Waldo?. She is also the main antagonist of the episode "Once Upon a Time in Denmark".



The Snow Queen is the evil queen who wants conquer Denmark by having peace and quiet without children. She despises for the children because they always defeat her. She also plotting to destroy Odlulu's friendship with Fritz and steal the Fairy Tale Key.


After the Snow Queen gets pulled out by Odlulu with the Fairy Tale Key, she was happy that she's free from the storybook and proves that she'll have peace and quiet without children. She meets Odlulu and Fritz by pretending to be nice with them. Odlulu asks to help her keep snow cones from melting, the Snow Queen refuses and rides away with her chariot which Odlulu and Fritz still in there. When Odlulu asking the Snow Queen to be great partners.

While riding to the park, Odlulu keeps asking the Snow Queen for help, she gets annoyed with her chattering which it's been for hours. When Odlulu asks the Snow Queen to be partners, she pulls over and Odlulu wants to become besties with her, which Fritz is jealous and heartbroken. After arrived at the park, The Snow Queen tries to get away Odlulu's chatterbox while she remembers her own pet Fritz is a ferret, but Odlulu notices that he is missing and goes to find him.

When the Snow Queen escapes to have peace and quiet without any children, Odlulu and Fritz were catching up with her. She sees the Fairy Tale Key on the floor and Odlulu snatches the key. She is told that this magic key to use to get her of the storybook. The Snow Queen now agrees that she and Odlulu become partners after all, which Fritz was jealous of the Snow Queen.

Arrived at the lake, the Snow Queen creates her own castle and lets Odlulu run inside. The Snow Queen betrays Fritz and zaps him. While the Snow Queen and Odlulu at the castle, she shows something for Odlulu and then betrays her by stealing the Fairy Tale Key. The Snow Queen is plotting to conquer Denmark by having peace and quiet without children. Soon, she gets hitted by Waldo with the snowball and tries to freeze him and Wenda. When the Snow Queen sees Thumbelina with the magic key, she angrily tries to grabs it from her and drops on the floor. She tries to freeze Waldo, but it frees Odlulu and retrieves the key.

The Snow Queen notices that Odlulu is free, she told her to hand over the Fairy Tale Key so they can become snow cone partners again, but Odlulu refuses it because she already has her bestie, including Fritz. The Snow Queen was furious that she betrays her and got defeated by the children. She gets zapped by Odlulu with the Fairy Tale Key to go back to storybook.


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